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 Our Land Claim

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PostSubject: Our Land Claim   Fri Aug 07, 2015 11:53 pm

The Han Dynasty, as of June 12, 2015, lays claim to the western portion of Almenly in two zones as outlined below.

This claim is modeled after Trivium's two zone land claim. Han Dynasty had extreme interest in creating a location to which it can centralize, whilst still enabling freedom of settlement to players within Almenly.

Zone 1 settlement is restricted to Han Dynasty, and Han Dynasty reserves the right to remove any cities* within Zone 1 that were not within it as of June 12, 2015. Any offending players will be contacted by a IGM. If the city is found to be in violation, Han Dynasty will attempt to work with the offending player to see its removal from Zone 1.  If the city is found to be within Zone 1 after the allocated time for removal, it will be subject for forced removal.

Zone 2 settlement is not restricted, rather, Han Dynasty does not recognize any land claim within Zone 2.  

Han Dynasty encourages any player that exists within Zone 1 before the time of this claim, or that wishes to inhabit Zone 2, to contact Han Dynasty. We may be interested in helping the growth of Zone 2 cities.

Zone 1: Consisting of land that is currently occupied by the majority of Han members. The natural northern and western borders of Almenly forming our western with the eastern border starting -118 | -2432 and stretching south to -118 | -2700 and then west from there to the natural western border, forming our southern border.

Zone 2: Includes the northern peninsula, following along the natural eastern border of Almenly until x -100. The eastern border runs due south of that point, along house Stark's land claim, until reaching -100 | -2759. The southern border of Zone 2 then runs west to the natural western border of Almenly.

* Han Dynasty recognizes there are population  variations of settlements, which only some are titled as 'cities'. Han Dynasty recognizes all population variations of settlements as a 'city' in this land claim.

As of 7th of July, Emperor Constantine has renamed a portion of almenly, the same portion that Shu-Han stakes it's claim, as the Kingdom of Shu.
Shu-Han recognizes all players within it's territory as citizens of Shu. All citizens may appeal to the Emperor if they find themselves under attack, or in need of resource assistance. If the Kingdom of Shu is threatened by a Citizen, appropriate action will be taken.

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Our Land Claim
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