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 Recruiting For Shu-Han

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GM Silvan

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PostSubject: Recruiting For Shu-Han   Fri Aug 07, 2015 11:48 pm

Shu-Han Recruitment Letter
This is an official recruitment letter from the Shu-Han Kingdom.
Shu-Han is recruiting all types of player's and we are also interested in training new players.We are a close and tight group of players who want to expand our alliance and add more players to our core. We would be able to help any player with whatever they need.

We are a military alliance but we are taking all types of players. We enjoy traders, crafters, suppliers, and builders. If you are interested message me back and we can send you an invite.   If you have any questions regarding Shu-Han I am able to answer those.
For Newer Players:
Heres a list of guides to help you get started.

afro GM Silvan afro
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Recruiting For Shu-Han
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