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 Founding of Shu-Han

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PostSubject: Founding of Shu-Han   Fri Aug 21, 2015 8:39 pm

Shu-Han (originally titled Byzantine Empire) was founded by three players: Constantine, Nero, and Princes Botchface. It was founded late in the year of 2014.
Constantine had planned to re-create the Byzantine Empire, but after counsel from Botchface, changed the name of the alliance to the Han Dynasty.

The name was changed to gather attention to the alliance. At the time, there were a lot of European named alliances, and a lot of Roman alliances. The change to an Eastern name was to separate the alliance and hopefully gather some others to our banner.

From the beginning Han Dynasty had a vested interested in Broken Lands. There was severe overpopulation in Elgea, and the three founders decided it was not a suitable place for a new alliance. Broken Lands however had been around for some months, and many very fertile (abundant 7 food squares) areas had already been claimed by veteran alliances.

So Han Dynasty turned its attention to Almenly. A rugged terrain filled region, but untouched by alliances, and only had a few towns within the entire region. The rugged terrain did not faze Han leadership, there were many veteran Elgean alliances that based themselves in similar regions and possessed grand armies. Han Dynasty could as well.. with time.

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Founding of Shu-Han
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